Ep4: Fungal Vision with Daniel Reyes

On this episode, we venture into the strange and mysterious kingdom of fungi. Join Leah as she sits down to talk mushrooms with mycologist Daniel Reyes, the founder of MycoAlliance, a science and education company that offers classes in mushroom propagation and conducts research at an off-the-grid laboratory in a nature preserve in east Austin. Daniel is a specialist in Mycoremediation, the practice of using fungi to clean up toxic pollution. 

We’ll start with some basic fungi facts (What is a mushroom, exactly?) and learn how easy it is to grow delicious mushrooms in your garden — even in pots! Hear tales of mycological adventure in the Amazon rainforest, learn how mushroom cultivation can help provide disaster relief to earthquake-damaged areas in Mexico City, and get the scoop on the future of fungi!

Transcript coming soon. 

leah churner