Hello, future guest! Here are details for you.

Hothouse is a podcast about ecology, design, and culture. The focus of the new season is climate change. I'll be talking to activists, artists, farmers, journalists, and elected officials about the "new normal" that we face in 2019. How is climate change already affecting our lives? What can we do to limit global warming? And how are each of us reckoning, in our own personal ways, with the future? 

How this works

Depending on your location, we will either be doing EITHER a phone/Skype interview, OR an in-person interview at the podcast studio in Austin, TX. After we record, I spend a lot of time on postproduction. The finished episode be edited for polish and clarity.  I will ask you for a photo of yourself to use in the episode art and on Instagram/Twitter. 

Remote interviews

If you are based outside of Austin, TX, we’ll do a remote interview via phone or audio Skype call. (Not video Skype! I find video conferencing to be distracting.) I’ll record the call from a studio to get the best possible sound and keep technical snafus to a minimum. There are two ways to set up your end of the call: 1) you can call into the studio’s Skype line (which I’ll provide to you) or 2) the studio can call your phone or computer via Skype.

If you prefer to use a different call-recording software (instead of Skype), that is fine too — just let me know in advance, if possible.

Studio interviews

If you are located in Austin or coming through town, in-person studio interviews are ideal. I record at a great little podcasting studio called Permanent RCRD at 1511 S. Congress Avenue, Ste. 300, Austin, TX. It is located in an annex building behind the big A-frame church on South Congress. (The studio is not church-affiliated just FYI.)

Parking is free for studio guests. CLICK HERE FOR A PARKING MAP. You can park in any open space in the church’s parking lot; if there’s a parking attendant on the premises, just let them know you have an appointment with the studio and they’ll show you where to park. Occasionally, the lot will fill up. In this case, there is street parking in the neighborhood behind the church. Feel free to get in touch if you have any questions about parking.

I will meet you in the parking lot and show you in to the studio. The studio asks that people arrive no more than 10 minutes before appointment time. If you can show up 5-10 ahead of our appointment, that’s perfect!

The studio is on the third floor, so there’s a three-flight walkup of stairs. If you have limited mobility or need an wheelchair-accessible entrance, please let me know beforehand. My contact info is listed below.

The studio provides wifi and beverages (water, coffee, tea, and beer). An engineer will be on hand to get us all set up.


More info

For past episodes of Hothouse, click here.

Who is Leah Churner? click here.

Contact: lchurner@gmail.com / (512) 577-5876

Studio contact (if all else fails): Mike Moody, mike@permanentrcrd.com / Mike’s cell: (737) 210-2931

Need to cancel or reschedule? I understand; it happens. Please let me know as soon as you can. I pay for studio time to record the podcast, and if I am able to notify them of a cancellation within 24 hours, they can usually fit somebody else in to that time slot.

Thank you for being a guest on Hothouse!

- Leah